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Writer or erotic novels, Maxime Jaray explores the sentiman adventures between men through simple and ordinary characters, or even from the fantastic repertoire. He offers stories where his protagonists discover themselves and open their field of possibilities in terms of love life.

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Despite having no explicit content on this website, the stories descriptions and books covers can mention men on men homosexual relationship. If this subject makes you uncomfortable, please do not continue your visit.

Blog opening and some news

Released on : 3/17/24

It may not have escaped anyone’s notice, but I’m not the type of person who’s very active on the web. Social networking isn’t really my thing, and I’m more interested in making sure I have a way to communicate with people who have read my work.

That’s why I decided to use this website to share the progress of my work. Not least because the format is more appropriate than the 500 characters allowed by Mastodon. And I wanted to maintain a certain freedom of expression.

Some news

I recently created a profile on GoodReads, a site I didn’t really know about and which I discovered by chance because people have been reviewing my work. I saw a rather harsh review of the English version of The Island’s Giant, but a constructive one, pointing out some major translation and consistency flaws. In particular, the gender of the characters had changed spontaneously. I’m not hiding from it, it’s even well written in the book, the English version is done with the help of DeepL. I noticed that the tool had a tendency to change these details, perhaps because of a bias in the way it worked. I thought I had corrected the English content every time I reread it, but I missed some. An improved version has now been published.

As this was the first book I wanted to translate into English, I wasn’t quite there yet. A new edition will surely be produced in time, taking advantage of the improved quality of my work. And I welcome feedback so that I can continue to improve.

Why not get someone to translate it, you may ask? Because I simply don’t have the money. I’m not an author published by a company that does this professionally, I’m a hobbyist doing it in my spare time. So I can’t pay anyone to do it.

Works in progress

My last published book was R.O.M.E.O., last January. I was pleasantly surprised by the reception it received and to see that it found a small audience in its first month of publication. I’d like to thank everyone who bought it and, I hope, enjoyed it. As a fan of science fiction, I can assure you that this won’t be the only one of its kind. Other ideas are in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, two parallel projects are underway.

It’s nearly done, actually, but it’s still months away. It’s a ghost story, so it’ll come out at the right time, at the end of the year. That gives me time to work on the final details, although the writing is basically done. It’s a story that’s a bit different from what I’m used to writing because it’s sadder and more dramatic, whereas I usually tend to write more positive stories.

The second project was started very recently and it’s changing completely. As a fan of video games, I asked myself, still with the idea of exploring a fantasy world: “Why not make a story in the world of an online game? That’s a rough summary of the idea. In this story, we’ll be able to follow the adventures of the player character and the interactions he has with those in the game’s scenario. The work is still in its early stages, and so far I’ve mainly been working on the story outline and doing some scene testing.

That’s all I can tell you right now.

See you soon.