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Writer or erotic novels, Maxime Jaray explores the sentiman adventures between men through simple and ordinary characters, or even from the fantastic repertoire. He offers stories where his protagonists discover themselves and open their field of possibilities in terms of love life.

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Despite having no explicit content on this website, the stories descriptions and books covers can mention men on men homosexual relationship. If this subject makes you uncomfortable, please do not continue your visit.

New release

Heroic Adventure Quest Online

Released on : 5/30/24

Heroic Adventure Quest Online is just one of many MMORPGs where an ordinary player can have extraordinary adventures. But what if the team of NPCs he’s fighting with has views on his character? Like falling in love with their captain, an impetuous, unpredictable, scantily clad fighter. Welcome to a fantasy world where anything goes.


Heroic Adventure Quest Online

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  • Coming soon: Heroic Adventure Quest Online - 5/7/24
    I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of my new story: Heroic Adventure Quest Online. Set in the world of an online video game, this book follows the adventures of the Captain, the player character, and his virtual teammates.

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  • David`s Journey new edition - 3/28/24
    When I published David’s Journey, my idea was to make it a promotional book so that the public could get an idea of the kind of work I do.

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  • Blog opening and some news - 3/17/24
    It may not have escaped anyone’s notice, but I’m not the type of person who’s very active on the web. Social networking isn’t really my thing, and I’m more interested in making sure I have a way to communicate with people who have read my work.

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