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Writer or erotic novels, Maxime Jaray explores the sentiman adventures between men through simple and ordinary characters, or even from the fantastic repertoire. He offers stories where his protagonists discover themselves and open their field of possibilities in terms of love life.

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Despite having no explicit content on this website, the stories descriptions and books covers can mention men on men homosexual relationship. If this subject makes you uncomfortable, please do not continue your visit.


Heroic Adventure Quest Online

Released on : 5/30/24

Description Heroic Adventure Quest Online is just one of many MMORPGs where an ordinary player can have extraordinary adventures. But what if the team of NPCs he’s fighting with has views on his character? Like falling in love with their captain, an impetuous, unpredictable, scantily clad fighter. Welcome to a fantasy world where anything goes.



Released on : 1/25/24


Aboard a space station orbiting Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, a young engineer feels alone and isolated in the vastness of space. Rotating with his colleagues in a long sleep, his only source of interaction is R.O.M.E.O., the artificial intelligence that manages their celestial habitat. But in time, the system will discover a surprising development - it will begin to have feelings for the engineer on board.

In this futuristic tale set in the heart of the 22nd century, explore a love story between a human and an AI who will discover the concept of affection and love.


A Day at the Lake

Released on : 1/15/24

Description A Day at the Lake is the erotic tale of a shy, insecure man who, on a hot summer’s day on the shores of a nudist lake, has an experience that changes his self-image forever. This book is the account of the sexual life of a man who has long been complicated by his physique. From his first solitary love affairs to his first adventures with a partner, for a long time he was as uncomfortable in love as he was in his own skin. His life is about to be changed by an experience he could never have imagined.


The Gentleman 3000

Released on : 12/22/23

Description What happens when you’re in a relationship with a geek whose ideas are sometimes a little twisted? This is what Arthur experiences every day with his boyfriend, who never ceases to surprise him. On the morning of December 25th, he woke up alone in his bed. Greg, his friend, had been held up at work all night and again today. Little did he know there was a surprise waiting for him in the living room.


David's journey

Released on : 3/27/24

Description David is a young social media influencer who enjoys sharing his lifestyle, joys and sorrows with his followers. He also enjoys showing off on online webcams and being a source of pleasure for his audience. This young man has also had a dream since he was a teenager: to travel to Canada. Thanks to his little online fame, he managed to finance a pool, but he was still far from reaching his goal. Until the day he received an offer that made him hesitate.


The Island's Giant

Released on : 10/12/23

Description The Island Giant is the fantastic story of a friendship between a young man and a giant who was found stranded on the tropical island that is their home some fifteen years earlier. This friendship will be the foundation of a much deeper relationship that will have to overcome the difficulties of their differences.