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Writer or erotic novels, Maxime Jaray explores the sentiman adventures between men through simple and ordinary characters, or even from the fantastic repertoire. He offers stories where his protagonists discover themselves and open their field of possibilities in terms of love life.

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Despite having no explicit content on this website, the stories descriptions and books covers can mention men on men homosexual relationship. If this subject makes you uncomfortable, please do not continue your visit.

David`s Journey new edition

Released on : 3/28/24

When I published David’s Journey, my idea was to make it a promotional book so that the public could get an idea of the kind of work I do. It was therefore offered free of charge. However, the experience was not as beneficial as I had hoped.

Experience has shown me that publishing a free book for this purpose is not necessarily very relevant. Moreover, not all platforms accept this practice. This includes Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, where you have to ask for a price adjustment. After noticing that the price of the book was not always €0.00, I decided that this idea should be abandoned.

So I unpublished David’s Journey and removed the old version. This gave me the opportunity to reread it and see that there were still a few errors in it that had slipped under the net of the original review. A few passages have also been reworded. But otherwise it’s the same story. The English translation has been completely reworked.

I still want this book to be an overview of my work, but I don’t want to give it away for free anymore because of the haphazard management, so it will now be published at a price of 0.99€. You’ll be able to find it on various online bookstores soon.

See you soon.